Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Home sweet Home

          It's been a month since returning from the land of the Viking and I am really chuffed.  Spring on the Coast is soooooo good, there's a bit of everything from flip flops to dangerous avalanche conditions.   I've tried my hand at some of the work, which is remarkably popular among my peers.  Fortunately, work has been "good" meaning that I've avoided sleeping in a tent and it is performed alongside amigos.  

Mischief personified: Captain of the Sea Flea Andrew Boyd
The Yacht Club
Andrew took me out aboard his hearty vessel the Sea Flea to perform unpaid labour cleaning some projects at Squamish's hottest new cliff The Yacht Club.

     Other club members joined the fun and "came abreast" (excuse the improper nautical terminology, I'm only a 5.4 yachtsman).  Elise Aspa enjoying some tick tackery above the deck of The Polish Girl with first mates Mike Duffey and Troy "the Shaman" Jungen. 

Climbing above the ocean is so much fun I returned with Bruce Kay and Luna - the ankle biting sheep dog.
Bruce's boat is not as sturdy as the Sea Flea
Anti-scurvy provisions and other less important stuff  
Luna bites people then jumps in the water to avoid punishment
Next stop, some much needed work with Ross Berg shown here checking "weather updates"

                   Showing two youngsters and their dad a bit of the old neige, glace and mixed

                     More unpaid work with Klemen Mali a juggernaut of rock development.

I just got this 18 meter Gin Yak and finally got to launch it in moderate to strong winds - gripping...

                                               Back to work doing camera safety 

                    Fortunately these lads showed up for the gag and kept things demure.      
                    Will Gadd and Tim" 'ave it" Emmett climbing moist Murrin rockstone.

Yet another lap to the Tantalus.  This round there were so many people coming and going it felt like an alpine Shambala without the dreadlocks and emotional refugees.   
Proper plumage
Justin Lamoureux and Ross Berg getting western
"Whistler's that way"
Sea to Summit - Mt. Serratus
Something about climbing this type of terrain made me want to light up a Gauloise and be rude to anyone nearby.
Really though, authentic goulottes ten minutes from the Hut.

Dropping down from the Alpine we had a surprise visit from Crosby and Rosie.  Here, Crosby gets sandbagged by the stately Robin Barley, author of this "chipped" route.

Finally, some plaisir climbing. Sweet Helen on the runout 3rd pitch of Centerfold

Springtime in Squamish is really hard to beat...