Tuesday, 29 March 2016

From Bariloche to Bishop

Since returning from the Kingdom, the whirlwind of helicopters, planes and meandering gravel roads has spun my scene like a Moroccan carpet maker.

I got a call to go on a location scout to what is perhaps my favorite place outside Canuckistan: Patagonia...

A week of flying around in a helicopter and eating way too much Dulce de Leche was almost too much to handle

Thankfully, the sights were ok and the rediculousness of western privilege was not too guilt inducing.

If you aren't getting molested by a Guanaco at the breakfast table you're probably not in Patagonia

The ubiquitous Cancha de Futbol and the obligatory sportsman lying down faking an injury

Even if these towers turn out to be chossy,  their mere existence sings a song in my heart and makes the a day at the Louvre seem like a non-event

Thank you (again) Nature!

Next stop, the promised land of California, it's nice to see some snow cladding the Sierra.  Not sure if this lovely dome is Fairview, but what's in a name anyhow? 

 This one needs no introduction

The Lee Vining Ice Demo was a blast, and brought a cacophonic crew to this otherwise peaceful canyon.  Smashing waterfall ice to connect with nature has been a passion of mine ever since I was a boy.

One of the best perks of my job is testing new gear: Keep your eyes peeled for the Alpine mini skirt, so hot for 2017!

 Granite plus Ice, what a combo!

Getting let in on a local secret, a new(ish) zone near the Hot Springs

The duality of California, one day Ice, the next Dunes...

The desert churned out some fierce winds, so flying was not an option.

 Despite the joys of travel,  tinkering on my projects at home is where I'm always happiest