Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Viva Mexico Cabrones!

Not a lot of places bring the Buena Vibras like Mexico.  With a glaring lack of regulations, this still developing nation has plenty to teach us about good living and having fun, even if it's only Tuesday.

Portrero Chico is gifted with an abundance of quality limestone which developers have bristled into submission allowing for a true placer experience.  Don't be fooled, loose rocks, infantile climbers and tepid decision making could have you involved in a near miss or worse, faster than you can say Andale!

                                                   Kirk and Stef enjoying Yankee Clipper

Stocking up with my truck,  note the fixed Rosary on the rearview.  Guaranteed to prevent speeding tickets and rollovers.

Johnathan from La Belle Province sampling stupendous stone on the Outrage Wall

I took to solo climbing with a rope on the well equipped multipitch routes, it's always nice to learn something new.

                                               Good positions, mediocre company

Sadly, climbing alone caused a mild case of Selfie-itis...

                                                        Look at me! I'm rockclimbing!

                                                           Spot the tiny climbers up left

It wasn't all lonesome days in the Portrero, I got to session with some sweet folks, old friends and new.

                                       With Kirk at the Fitness Cave

                                         Simon amidst mystic conditions

                                          Clipping chains at the Surf Bowl

Look very carefully for Sunny and Paul abing off Time Wave Zero

                           Few days would end without a stern talking to from El Cabrito.

                                                      Or Rico Tacos!

Elotes! Imagine taking a perfectly good char grilled corn cob, then brushing on some of that orange liquid cheese you find at 7-11.  Next, you mount the unsuspecting Maiz with Mayo, chilies and crumbled goat's cheese. Enjoy!

 Folks live a bit more ruggedly than we do in Squamish.  But happiness in these parts seems contagious.

                                           Fixed taco trailer with satellite dish, check.  Rubber.... nah.

These Mexican Pitons were a real highlight!  Much like the Cathedral Spires in Yosemite, Mexican pioneers climbed the Agujas well before the big walls.  These relics are from a 1962 ascent of this lovely tower.

                              Paul, a pioneer in his own right, keeps it new school


                                                      Cynthia dancing in the light

                                                  A wee bit of potential nearby

                                                     Muy Amable Mexico!