Friday, 22 May 2015

East Coast Roadie

It's been a whirlwind week.  I flew to the US to shuttle my parents' car up to Toronto from the dismal state of Florida, where they spend their winters.

Lots of signs in FLA, so many that it's a wonder  breathing isn't regulated.  But let's not forget that these signs contribute to the economy and as the former Governor Jeb Bush would tell you: "Freedom isn't Free"

Jeremy Collins image
I heard the news about Dean and though I've only tied in with him once, I was touched by the loss of this prophetic tribesman.  Dean understood the paradox of freedom in America...

I first met Dean in Rio Blanco campground a few hours after he shot this photo.  His 6 hour solo jihad up the Supercanaleta  on Cerro Fitzroy was mindblowing for a rookie like me and stood as proof of Chouinard's idiom that the walls of Yosemite were just a practice area for the greater ranges.

After only 16 hours behind the wheel, I put the flatlands and the box stores behind me, finding authentic signage in the great state of West Virginia.

Fayetteville is a charming town, teeming with Americana, far from the watered down strip malls of Florida

This sign was a sight for sore eyes...

Jessa Goebel and Pat Goodman graciously hosted me for a night and showed me around some superb cliffs at the world class New River Gorge.

                                                          Mike on a bullet 5.12

                          The stone is as good a Lake Louise and more abundant than Skaha

Lewis at the wheel warming up on a techy 11c.  Oh yeah, in the West that translates to about 12a.  It's been more than a decade since I've had to hang on a 5.10 that wasn't iced up or slime ridden but sure as shit, I took a schoolin' at the New.

I'll be back to this place...