Saturday, 16 January 2016


              Skiing has never been my forte. As a kid I schussed around on the swizzle sticks, cross country-ing my way over frozen beaver ponds and hillocks in Georgian Bay.  I've always detested resort skiing.   I was introduced to the genre at the pretentious yet pathetic hills of Southern Ontario where an accidental bump into someone's mint S9's in the lift line would lead to a belligerent rant about etiquette and "style."  Nothing like a fully grown human sounding off about a scratch on their top sheet to make you consider becoming a climber...

              Fortunately, the BC backcountry is still safe from this kind of condescension so that is where I will go.  Also, it seems that El Niño is delivering the winter we've been wanting, so thank you  (again) Nature, bring it!

                    Here's our Boxing Day posse atop the singularly named Sugarloaf mountain

                                         Our glorious ringleader Ross Bergfuhrer

Even though Ross said he was not guiding that day, he insisted dropping in first, every time, something about "the safety of the team"

                  Here's Holly keepin' it tight in some terrain that felt a wee bit Alpine

                    Kev - A real MOG with a spirit that can barely fit in his giant frame

                                                     Helen - Escarpado y Profundo

Heli Skiing:  I guess understand why so many friends drop off the map from December through March

                                              Holly enjoys le powd'air

From here we could see the lineups for the great Boxing day sales in Whistler that we were missing

The glisse train continued with Yuki, Bram, Ashley and Helen.
                                              More fluff...

                                 Bram getting all scientifique inspecting a little roll I popped out

Yuki not missing Japan even though it's soooo hot right now!

                                  Thank you friends and thank you Sea to Sky Country

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