Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Working on Fiji Time

         With an irresistible offer to work in Fiji, I saddled up the duffels and rounded up some of Squamish's finest braves to join a Hollywood production making TV magic in this sub-Equatorial haven of chill.   Few places slow the tempo like the tropics, the stifling humidity and the "I don't need money, I just caught a fish and picked a Mango today" work ethic, really makes one wonder why stress is even a thing.  Nonetheless, TV is a bustling business and a full production schedule of 12 hour days really made this outing feel more like work than pleasure.

            Then again, one man's work is another woman's leisure. The boys fanning Nefertiti.

Will, hard at work under the scrupulous eyes of the Fijian OSHIA regulatory commission

                                Luke - Godfather of Fijian Rope Access.  Hemp rope, check 

The workplace was generally quite safe as evidenced by this dumptruck, Tony directing traffic

Our real life Director extraordinaire Rupert, scouting a trademark Fijian waterfall

                                              Working in the Suva market sorting clams

An easy day of work; hunting Fruit Bats, these things actually taste pretty good when curried

Will and Luke enjoy a leisurely day of rock scaling. Not quite the Exshaw open pit vibe

  This lady was working  for pleasure.  She's pounding the Kava root to produce a potent beverage

Kava ceremonies can go either way, drinking a few cups results in a mild buzz and tingling of the tongue, gulping double digit "high tide" volumes can lead to nausea, vomiting and a miserable hangover.

Buying Kava is a bit like a shady back alley drug deal, but with nice people! 


                                                                         Fish on Chips

It wasn't all work, we met some pretty sweet people...

The locals had an infectious friendliness that was hard to deny.  Kids grow up pretty quick though

This guy is an authentic  20th generation SUP'er.  Why has it taken so long for the rest of the world to catch on?

Speaking of authentic, our man Tang's tribal Tattoos were not done to get psyched for the Tough Mudder Race series.

We had some fun on our scant days off. Here's Hoop learning to kite in strong, but irie laminar winds.

                                                                                Du Surf

                                                                            Sky Surf

                                             Upper Navua Canyon: Mystique...

Luke soaring at "Hill 364" We named this site after the Donny's Ashes scene in Big Labowski "The men who gave their lives at Kasan, Londok and Hill 364..."  Also, it was about that high above sea level- in feet.

Sweet Fijian air.

                                               Sometimes Hill 364 was rowdy!

                                                 Orchids in Fiji are no big deal...

                                                                       Thank you Fiji!

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