Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Summer in Squamdale!

With a few unexpected turns in fortune, I found myself at home for an unprecedented month this summer.  Squamish in it's prime is really too good, everyone knows it so everyone is here.  Between the hoards and the heat, locals have little else to do than hang at secret beaches and run to the hills.   Finding solace in the redneck 'pine is one of my favorite activities and poking around an unknown corner couldn't be more enjoyable with the company of good friends.

  Checking out an unexplored canyon above the village with the remarkable Klemen Mali

We equipped this box canyon with 10 rap anchors, the crux is the walk out

 Refreshing pools are always welcome

The eerie Ice Box Canyon with Will and the Gibson clan.

The focus changed horizons with Crosby Johnston new routing on the Fluffy Wall

Glamorous work it is...

Spot the climbers!

Crosby and Chris Trull wait for a break in the weather to beat the crowds new routing on the Chief

For a brief interlude, Helen and I headed to Port Renfrew where I discovered the panorama function on my camera

 The far West Coast rarely disappoints, calling this marine park mystic is like saying Fred Becky has put up a few new routes

Fred, after establishing a few first ascents has segued into crushing established classics.  When you turn 93, please remember: it's is not an excuse to to make Bridge your passion.

 A day of Legends; Jim Sinclair and Fred remembering a climb they did together over 50 years ago

Another more spry legend on hand Peder Ouram.  He keeps saying he's over climbing but he's out more days than most.

Back in action with Crosby on another project in the backcountry

Ground up!

You just don't find this every day...

Tommy Gruber on the Ganesha Project...Stay tuned

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