Wednesday, 15 November 2017


On the tail end of Bishop's Highball Craggin' Classic put on by the AAC, I posse'd up with Cody Sims and Luke Neufeld to get in some dusty road trippin'.  We tacked out a few Sierra pitches before leaving, because, como no? Look at that stone!

                                       Look at those vistas under that moon!!!!

Next Stop was Vegas, which in my mind is always synonymous with sleeze.  But the Vegas area does have some soul, as evidenced here by Brette, taking her lickin's on the ruggedly named burlnanza; Monster Skank.

 Just a few miles asunder from the infamous Strip, Marc-Andre hones his kite 'nique, hounded by Seuss, the dog.

Windsports became a theme on this roadie, we are after all, climbers who climb, but the skies whistled their sirenic melodies, tempting us to glisse above the rocks.

                                                           Cody soaring Jean's ridge

Perhaps the best bit of Americana we encountered on our journey, the Pioneer Saloon.  Though the staff were nouveau tatooed and sporting coiffed beards and greasy crop tops, this place had an authenticity to it that has long been buried under the crisp, homogeneity of the nearby Vegas tarmac.

Bring your own moonshine, literally!!!

                                When these barrels get unlocked, it's sure to go off!!!

But I digress... After a skunking at Jean's Ridge we chanced an evening flight in the hills outside Goodsprings.  The valley restitution cranked us hundreds of meters above the launch for one of the funnest flights I've ever had!

 St. George, Utah was next.  The limestone in this zone is hard to hold on to, in part because it's slick from traffic, but also on account of all the fist pumps you throw while climbing.  Luke couldn't resist demonstrating the classic elbow down fist pump entering the crux sequence on this beauty.

                                     More good Americana: Caffeine = Safety.   So true...

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