Monday, 12 December 2016

De gustibus non disputandum

Preferences vary wildly for more than just food, but when it comes to sampling earthly delights, it's hard not to be a glutton.

First up on this fall's flavor of the month was the coarse ground stone of Joshua Tree.  I took advantage of a friend's nearby wedding to sample a few dozen pitches at this most delectable desert buffet.

Climbing without a guidebook or partner had some drawbacks but the bite of crusty granite is always worth a nosh.

I met some new friends that complimented the cosmic vibe of this forlorn outlier of suburban LA

Next stop Bali: an organic fruity delight!

It was great to catch up with friends and loved ones in this far flung tropical sweathouse

                                                    The Sky Surfing was scrumptious!

Bukit has the most amazing winds, consistent enough to fly for hours - strong enough to make the top landings a spectator sport.

                              Ganesha! Balinese people love this happy Elephant man, me too!

                                             Helen on the lookout in Nusa Lembongan

                              Random street man with a spiritual snack wrapped in Banana Leaf

Snorkeling with the Manta Rays at this beautiful rock arch - just a bit on the razory side for climbing

 Next stop Thailand!!!  This place has some of the most exotique flavor profiles on the planet.    The climbing is ok too.

Thais make the yummiest food. What's there not to like about rotting fish or pork with paper?

                                             There are a lot of unexplainable rules though.

                            This one is not open to debate: perfect orange slopers and pockets

                                                                      Mouthwatering, no?

 Ao Nang Tower with Robin and John.   John proving just how polyvalent his Alpha pack is.  A maritime, multipitch, Camera bag


                                One of my favorite partners bringing in the catch of the day

                                      Tony earning his Curry on the Heart of Darkness

                                                  You have to earn this dish

                                                    The not unprecedented Stalactite stem

                                                                Steepness guaranteed!

                                 Trina joining us in the cave through the Thaiwand Wall

                     We emerged to Phra Nang Beach and got some knee deep Noodles!

                                                                           A slice of Psicobloc

There are only a few areas on the planet that provide abundant sea towers and tepid waters for climbers to practice Deep Water Soloing.   South Thailand rules this category, holding the densest clutch of these Karst formations found anywhere on earth.   Sadly not all the Towers are open to climbing:  Valuable Swallows nests used to make the infamous Birds Nest Soup are fiercely guarded by Machine gun wielding security guards.  This stew, literally made from mucous that binds the nest together,  is meant to improve potency but maybe some things are best left for the birds.

                                                        The Phalus Temple at Phra Nang - it's really a thing!

                        The Tiger Cave Temple was breathtaking!  Nature plus Religion.

                              Robin on one of the best pitches ever! Pitch 3 Lord of the Thais

                After a day of Climbing few places are better for après than Freedom Bar

Thank you Thailand!

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