Monday, 26 January 2015

A Single Scoop

Just the other morning I woke up feeling like it would be a multisports day. Not quite a Gaddian effort (where he did something like 16 seperate sports in one day, all involving different footwear) but something with at least more than a single serving of plaisir.   I caffeinated and ran to the Bluffs to get the party started.  

After a half dozen pitches Jia showed up and did some double dipping of his own, while I belayed and kept and eye on his son, who connivingly gave me gummi bears he had picked off the ground. 

Jia on daddy duty
 Next stop: the Chief, where I met up with Squamish's finest wingsman and sky guru Kyle Wolochatiuk. 
 We made the obligatory slog to the 1st summit and on the way ticked a few different sports depending on who you asked..."are you guys going camping up there with those big packs?  That's right, adventure camping!"

Klye plays spaghetti tricolore
Winds were from the North: quite rotary and gusty.

This guys scarf was our windsock

Conditions  were a bit unfavorable 

Kyle showed the form of a man who has flown the Chief more than anyone, ever.

A wee bit funky

Kyle finally dominating his wing

Kyle managed to get off in good form.  I thought of my friend the Wex whose story you can read here and without a shred of remorse, stuffed my wing in its pack and trotted down the trail.  My belly wanted one more scoop but I was psyched to live and play another day.

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