Saturday, 3 January 2015

Back to the Future

           We're only a few days in to 2015 and already several people have mentioned that this is the year in which Michael J. Fox's blockbuster Back to the Future is set.  This Film was massively influential for me; it got me into skateboarding. Skating, provided a physically creative outlet for the ballistic energy of my youth, much like climbing did when I found it a few years later.

Flux Capacitor and what appears to be Windgate Sandstone
While Wikileaks has yet to confirm the existence of a Flux Capacitor or the Hoverboard, my good friend Tony just got his hands on a "new" truck (built in 1988  soon after the release of Back to the Future) which we used today as a time travel device.

Marty McFly and his Hoverboard
Serendipitously, Tony decided to name his new whip this morning, and we gave the same appellation to the first pitch we encountered: McFly!
This truck comes with a built in auto-belay unit

I took over while McFly prepared Cappuccinos
McFly (the truck) rolled us hot into the Squamish nearcountry where we plucked this roadside beauty and a three pitch classic we named Back to the Future

  The approach pitch which we actually avoided
   on the approach and downclimbed (for style) on the descent

P.1 which we discovered and climbed on the descent  (really)

P.2 The crux, which we did on the initial attack (at that point it was called P.1)

Tony using fine Coastal 'nique on the last pitch of the route


Rappelling directly on to the road

So much culture on BC logging roads, Canadian Prayer flags and Prayer Wheel (upper left)

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