Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Sportsman's Double

 For the final day of 2014 I got Shanghaied into some early morning Ice hunting with this guy.
 You can tell just by looking that he's the captain of the SS Mischief...

Tim Emmet out for a giggle

We tried our luck on the U Wall Drool, WI 3 dribble that forms below the University Wall

Sadly, you'd have to be completely unhinged to get up this thing. It was so thin Tim considered using his tongue to get some "sticks"

Tim about to make good decisions...

Next stop Murrin Pass where there was enough ice to get up to no good.

By noon, it was too cold to continue so we bailed and I rallied with Helen to the mighty Smoke Bluffs where half the villagers of Squamish were already there.
Colin Moorhead and Neil Dyer practice synchronized climbing

There was a bit of scandal, some people violated the "no tats out till Spring" policy
Jeremy Smith showing off his tats

The climbing continued till the sun dropped below the horizon for the final time of 2014

Emilisa Frirdich milking the last rays of 2014 on "Boyd's Pathology" 5.12b

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