Monday, 19 January 2015

Two Days in Frey

This flick is an homage to my favorite cragging area: Frey

    It seems like this year's Patagonia pilgrimage isn't going to happen and so far, I'm ok with that.  I've done eight seasons down there over the last fifteen years, so a winter at home will do just fine.

This vista never gets old

I fell in love with this place on my first visit and ever since it's been on the circuit.  Frey is a perfect pre-alpine warm up zone or a post-expedition decompression playground with enough snow and ice hidden in the gullies to fill your cup at happy hour.

Tony Vanna Whiteing the magical huecos

The stone is comparable to the best of Chamonix granite but even more featured.

The Monk

 To paraphrase Rolo Garibotti :  When you are climbing high on the Agujas in Frey looking out over the panorama of the Andes you have to ask "What more could I ever want?"

         Thanks to my partners on this mission: Tony Richardson, Chris Brazeau, Gerog Hölde, Helen Beynon and the late Amy Stein

Tones and Braz in the Slovenian Valley

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